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Calcedony and Jade

$72 - free shipping

Sunshine galore describes this simple and sweet study of yellow. 
Calcedony briolettes highlight a Lucite pendant. Finishing with faceted yellow jade and Sterling clasp.

Length 18.5"
Pendant drop 2.5"
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Mixed Medium

$72 - free Shipping

Casual comfort wearing this mix of copper, enameled copper, Kingman turquoise, and a double length of Africa trade beads.

Length 19"
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Blues and Raku

$99.00 - free shipping

This is my style!
Here is a funky little double stranded necklace with Sterling wrapped Ammonite  Raku beads, and a Raku heart.

Signed by the artist. Irridescent seed beads and a Sterling clasp finish this "Art to Wear" piece.
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Tourmaline and Lampwork

$295 - free shipping

Polished Tourmaline slabs and Tourmaline rondells flank a fabulous lampwork pendant. Greens, lavender and purple make this necklace one for any occasion. Bronze "S" clasp.

Length 19"

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Resort Wear Beauty

$350 - free shipping

Smooth Larimar rounds with Angel skin coral and aquamarine accents. You can close your eyes and feel the ocean breeze just looking at this simple raw beauty. Patina copper clasp.

Length 22"
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Mixed Medium with Amber Cross

$138 - free shipping

Lampwork, Clay, and Amber Cross with Sterling hook and eye clasp. 

Length 18"
Cross length 2"
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Porcelain Cross and Coral

$185 - free shipping

Porcelain cross set in Sterling with coral needs. This necklace goes over the head, no clasp necessary. 

Length 32"
Drop 16"
Cross length 2.5 "
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Citrine and Quartz

$355 - free shipping

Beautiful AAA Citrine faceted rounds with Cognac quartz rodelles. 28" with a large hook and eye clasp.

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Blue Topaz and Agate

$144 - free shipping

Icey blues of rough natural blue topaz with glass and agate druzy. This necklace can go anywhere, anytime. Box clasp.

Length 17"
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Mixed Triple Strand with Earrings

$250 - free shipping

Mother of Pearl/Ammonite pendant with topaz, lampwork and trade beads - all mixed up in this triple strand beauty with lobster Sterling clasp.

Matching earrings are included. 

Length 28"
Pendant drop 2"
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Two Strand Tourmaline

$ 595 - free shipping

Two absolutely beautiful strands of tourmaline in a necklace with Sterling hook and eye clasp.

Length 24"
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Heart So Blue

$67 - free shipping

Sea glass and agate with a pewter heart and Sterling toggle clasp.

Length 17"
Pendant drop 2"
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Lepidicrocite and Beads

$44 - free shipping

Lepidicrocite and trade beads make this the perfect T-shirt topper with a simple Sterling toggle clasp.

Length 9"
Pendant drop 3/4"
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Southwest Exotic

$148 - free shipping

Super fun turquoise, tiger eye and lampwork finished with Sterling.
Ink painted lobster clasp. 
Length 19.5"
Drop 1"
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Topaz in multiple cuts

$235 - free shipping

Multiple cuts of Topaz ewith Sterling heart claw clasp and finishers.
Length 20" adjustable 
Drop 1.5"
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Tsavorite and Zebra Kaspersky Crystal

$138 - free shipping

Tsavorite with Zebra Kaspersky, Crystal and Sterling with toggle clasp.
Length 17.5"
Drop 1.5"
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Two Strand Cruise Wear

$395 + $15 shipping (includes insursnce)

Andalucite slabs, coral, tourmaline, appetite cubes, and seaweed with bronze hook and eye closure. 

Length 20"
Drop 1-1.5"
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Ohm Pendant

$56 - free shipping

An Ohm pendant dropped from gold fill chain with faceted turquoise and Tibetan beads.

Length 26"adjustable 

Drop 2"
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Owl Pendant

$46 - free shipping

Agate and crystal make this simple owl pendant an easy accent for any occasion. 

Length - you choose 

Drop 2"
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Triple Strand of Blues

$136 - free shipping

This triple strand of blues is mixed with vintage wood carved beads, solodite, glass and lapis.
The pendant square isn from the national gallery of Canada.

Length 16+"

Drop 2.5"
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Luxury in Length

$152 - free shipping

Luxury in length. Amazonite, chrysophase, topaz, and aquamarine with Sterling.

Length 32"
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Lampwork Pendant

$63 - free shipping

Lampwork pendant with rainbow obsidian, shell, and seaweed.

Length 16+"

Drop 2"
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Carved Frog Pendant

$325 + $15 shipping (includes insurance)

Statement piece! Carved frog wrapped in Sterling with turquoise inset. Kazuri beads hand crafted in Niarobi finish this one of a kind wearable art necklace. 

Length 18"

Drop 2.5"
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Titanium Druzy Pendant

$198 - free shipping

Titanium druzy pendant wrapped with Sterling surrounded by Raku and pyrite. Finished with hammered pewter toggle clasp.

Length 18"

Drop 3"
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T-shirt Topper

$58 - free shipping

Crystal and sleeping beauty turquoise briolettes with shell and hill tribe silver.

Length 16"

Drop 1"
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Solar Quartz Pendant

$98 - free shipping

The Solar quartz pendant is flanked by zebra quartz, tsavorite and moonstones. Copper finishes.

Length 18"

Drop 1"
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T-shirt Topper

$54 - free shipping

Druzy butterfly with trade beads, andalucite, and lapis. Magnetic clasp. 

Length 16"

Drop 1.5"
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Red Wing Blackbird Pendant

$72 - free shipping

Enamel Red Wing Blackbird pin hanging as a pendant from cinnabar and kazuri clay beads. Pewter lobster closure. 

Length 28" with option for more

Drop 2.5 "
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T-shirt Topper

$70 - free shipping

Polymer clay pendant dropped from lampwork and cheq glass beads.

Length 17"

Drop 2.5"
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Grey Pendant

$135 - free shipping

Grey goes with everything. This pendant made by Wendy Stanwick is featured with coin pearls and a pewter toggle clasp.

Length 18"

Drop 2.5"
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T-shirt Topper

$ 68 - free shipping

Black tourmaline in quartz strung with black spinel cubes.

Length 16"

Drop 1"
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The UN Necklace

$85 - free shipping

It's the United nations of jewelry. Kazuri beads from Africa, Trade beads from Indonesia, cheq glass and a little house from Rochester, New York make the over the head piece fun to wear alone or stacked. Super colors, great for a casual outing. 

Length 26"

Drop 1.5"
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Sail Pendant

$88 - free shipping

Ready for some sun. Polymer clay pendant dropped from coral, spiney oyster and glass. Casual and fun.

Length 17"

Drop 3.5"
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T-shirt Topper

$72 - free shipping

Simple pendant of black tourmaline in quartz strung with black rutile quartz. 

Length 17"

Drop 1"